When to introduce Moon Rabbit Si Sen Brown Rice Powder?

It is recommended to introduce Si Sen Brown Rice powder to your baby when he or she is at least 4 months old and shows sign of readiness for food.               


Starting early can enhance baby acceptance of food and enabling proper jaw development. Gradually, progress to a richer taste and texture as the baby grows and develops.



How to introduce Moon Rabbit Si Sen Brown Rice Powder?

For young babies, always start with serving size half of his usual milk serving size, and prepare to a thin liquid. Increase serving size and to a thicker texture gradually. 


Guideline for instant meal (80ml serving size): Use 20g (approx 4 scoops) of Si Sen Brown Rice Powder with 80ml hot water. Stir the mixture while adding hot water.


Powder scoops and hot water can be varied for desire texture and serving size.


Guideline for preparation over low fire (80ml serving size): Use 20g of Si Sen Brown Rice Powder and mix with 100ml drinking water. Bring the mixture over low fire. Stir while simmer the mixture, and until desire thickness.


Powder scoops and water can be varied for desire texture and serving size.


Tip to share

For milk mix, Si Sen Brown Rice Powder is to be mixed with water first, prepared to the required thickness before stirring the milk powder or thin with milk (breast milk or formula). Do not replace the mixing water with milk. Milk should be added last.


Videos on preparation:


Early Weaning

  • Prepare mixture to a thin texture by adding more water. 
  • To the prepared mixture, add some amount of infant usual milk or breast milk, for natural progression from milk feeds.

Progression to spoon-feeding

  • When your baby is 6 months or older, you may prepare a thicker texture by increasing the proportion of Si Sen Brown Rice Powder.
  • For new taste and variety, meal can be served stand-alone or mixed with mashed vegetables, pureed or soft food (eggs, tofu, etc) or milk.


Why does the powder clump during the mixing of Instant meal?

Hot water is to be stirred into the mixture slowly. Sudden pour of hot water without stirring the mixture will cause lumps.



What is the recommended water temperature for Instant meal?

Instant Si Sen Brown Rice powder is to be prepared with hot water. The hotter the water, the smoother the gruel obtained.

Alternatively, mothers can stir the mixture (prepare with drinking water) over low fire. As the powder is already pre-cooked, stirring over fire is only to obtain the heat required.


General Weaning Tips
Semi-solid or solid foods are much filling on baby's stomach as compared to the intake of milk. As such, for baby newly exposed to semi-solid food, starts with serving size that is less than his usual milk serving. Increase serving size gradually, and avoid stomach problems with diarrhoea or constipation as a symptom of overfeeding